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Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) kicks in around 8-24 hours post-workout, can last for 72 hours, and is felt as pain and stiffness in the affected muscles.

It is believed that DOMS is the result of excessive physical overload which causes microscopic tears in the connective tissue inducing inflammation and heightening sensations of pain.1

Active recovery aids in the reduction of DOMS.



The benefits of a good recovery program can result in accelerated adaptation and maximal performance. Adaptation is the body's physiological response to the stress of a new training activity or load. The body reacts by increasing it's ability to cope with the new load making it easier to perform the next time. This process happens during recovery.

Effective recovery management enables athletes to perform at their optimal level. For an athlete to recover quicker and stronger and to boost their athletic performance they must be efficient in their training and recovery. Inadequate recovery can lead to overtraining or burnout which in turn can increase the risk of injury.

Studies prove that the firefly™ device is not detrimental to training adaptation, unlike ice baths and anti-inflamatory drugs.2


1 Brad J. Schoenfeld and Bret Contreras, “Is Postexercise Muscle Soreness a Valid Indicator of Muscular Adaptations?” Strength and Conditioning Journal, vol. 35 No. 5 pp. 16-21 (2013) 

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During the recovery process the body adapts to the stresses caused by training and comes back stronger, fitter and enhanced ready for performance.

Recovery is a key part of the athlete's training process to enhance physical preparation and performance. Training causes stress on the body that results in fatigue. During the recovery process the body adapts to these stresses caused by training and comes back stronger, fitter and enhanced ready for performance. Recovery is the crucial part of an athlete's training, but is often overlooked



Training adaptation

Training Stimulus

The physical or environmental stress placed on the body


Causes a temporary reduction in performance or muscle function


Allows time for the body to adapt to the training stimulus to improve performance


The improved response to training stimulus above baseline fitness

firefly™ in the recovery process

The firefly™ device stimulates healthy muscles, using small electrical impulses, to increase blood circulation for faster muscle recovery after intense exercise and to improve performance.

Recovery time between training and games is often limited. A portable and easy to use device, the firefly™ fits in to an athlete's lifestyle and is convenient to use during travel, back at the hotel or when recovering at home.

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